How To Sell & Trade In Apple Device For Cash!

Trade In Apple Device

Have an old Apple device and want to make some extra money? Check out these different selling & trade in services to sell your Mac and other Apple devices.

Sell Apple Devices to TrademyApple

Get instant cash for your recycled Apple device by using Trade My Apple! For over a decade, they have offered services that are intended to buy quality used Apple products. This is to reduce the amount of waste that pollutes our planet such as dumps, oceans, and landfills. This leads to sustaining the environment by substituting raw material inputs into redirecting waste outputs to further help our environment. This also helps organizations balance out the expensive costs of equipment upgrades because they are now able to sell their existing inventory.

How To Trade In Apple Device to Us?

When trying to sell your Apple device through other means such as eBay or Facebook it can take time and isn’t always a guaranteed transaction. Selling or trading into Trade My Apple is an exceptional and much easier alternative to ensure you get the best deal for your device.

You begin this process by selecting the device that you would like to recycle or you have the option to enter its serial number. Once you verify your device you will be presented with an offer! Once the offer is accepted you will need to complete a short form to receive a prepaid shipping label.

Before putting your device in a shipping package you will need to make sure that all of your data is erased for your safety. If not, they will erase the data as a safety measure to you. You will add this free label to your package to ship out your device. It will then go through a quick item review once received and once approve you will receive your funds in no time.

Select a Device

Select a device you’d like to recycle or enter it’s serial number.

Ship Your Item

Fill out our short form, then receive a prepaid label from us, and simply
ship your item to us.

Get Paid

After a short item review we’ll approve your reward and you’ll get it in no time.

Why TrademyApple.com?

Trade My Apple prides itself on having the means of providing instant cash for your recycled Apple device. This is accomplished through their easy recycling process which ensures that your old Apple device is disposed of properly. So now you not are only helping the environment but are upgrading to a more enjoyable Apple device in the process. While they naturally accept some of the oldest Apple products they also pay for some of the most recent Apple devices. This is to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck!

Great Prices

The biggest selling point of using Trade My Apple’s services is arguably its great prices. For example, the iPhone 12 Pro Max in flawless condition with the highest storage can be sold for almost $1,000! Many people also wonder “can I sell my Mac?” and the answer is yes! You can sometimes get even more than iPhones when you sell your mac for cash.

While most people aren’t trading in brand new products you can still make good money from older generation Apple products.

We accept Damaged Devices

A huge factor to consider is that many Apple selling and trade in websites don’t want your device if it has any kind of water damage. With Trade My Apple they are happy to still buy your device by providing a no-hassle free quote to determine if the price works for you. Naturally, the price will reflect any kind of damage from your phone, but the fact that they are still wanting you to sell is a great differentiating factor among its competitors.

Fast Cash and Reliable Service

By providing fast cash and reliable services you can count on Trade My Apple to give you the best quotes for your Apple device trade in. Naturally, the amount they are willing to give you depends on many factors such as condition, age, and functionality. It is required that any defects are to be mentioned before sending the item, but you won’t be flagged for not mentioning all defects.

Once the device is assessed by their team they will add any additional defects they have found and will present you with a new offer. If the offer is accepted then they will get the funds to you ASAP and if you don’t accept the offer they will send your Apple device back to you free of charge.

Apple Devices We Accept

Choose by Product


Is it legit to sell your Apple Devices?

Yes, you are now able to resell any lawfully purchased item from Apple to a 3rd party source. Keep in mind though that it is up to the seller’s due diligence that they are selling an authorized Apple product and not a counterfeit. If the device happens to be fake then you may be responsible for refunding the funds that you received for the sale of the product.

How can I trade in Apple device?

There are many Apple device trade in and selling websites. Trade My Apple is great for gathering free quotes for your specific device to provide the best value. Once you have chosen your desired service they will provide the shipping label for you to send to them to evaluate. Once approved you will receive your funds in no time!

How much can I get for my device?

The amount of money that you can receive for your Apple device depends on several factors such as the product, model, working or broken condition, storage, and color. All of these specifications will come into play for determining how much money you will receive. Naturally, you will receive more for the newer models, but you can still make a good chunk of change for some of the older devices that are still in demand.