AirPods 1st (gen)

iCloud / Financial Status

Are any of the following statements true?
  • My device is iCloud / activation locked
  • My device is currently financed / leased
  • My device is blacklisted

iCloud / Activation lock removal

If your device is still locked to your Apple ID the process to remove it is very easy, please click here to learn how to do this.

Financed / Leased Devices

The device must be paid off prior to being sold. Once all payments have been made, please confirm with your carrier that there is no longer a balance.


Sorry, we do not purchase blacklisted devices.

The AirPods 1st generation were released in December 2016 and quickly became a popular choice among Apple users. They were the first truly wireless earbuds from Apple and set the standard for wireless earbuds.

Despite being an older model, the AirPods 1st generation are still in demand. Especially among those who prefer the classic design and simplicity of the first generation AirPods.

Sell Your AirPods 1st Generation for Cash

Are you ready to upgrade to the latest AirPods and looking to sell your 1st generation AirPods? Look no further than TradeMyApple. Our buyback program is the perfect way to get the most value out of your used AirPods.

At TradeMyApple, we make it easy to sell your AirPods 1st generation. Simply visit our website and get an instant quote based on the condition of your device. We accept devices in all conditions, including those with minor scratches or other damages.

Our buyback program offers some of the best prices for used AirPods in the market. We’re committed to making the process quick and hassle-free. Once you accept our offer, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to send in your AirPods. Once we receive it, we’ll inspect it to ensure that it matches the condition you described, and then send you the payment.

Trade-In Your AirPods 1st Generation

In addition to selling your AirPods 1st generation for cash, we also offer trade-in options for those looking to upgrade to a newer model. Trade-ins allow you to get credit towards the purchase of a new device. We offer some of the best trade-in values in the market.

Plus, trading in your AirPods 1st generation is an eco-friendly option. As it ensures that your device is properly recycled and doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Why Choose TradeMyApple?

At TradeMyApple, we’re committed to providing the best customer service and the most value for your used devices. Our buyback program is simple and hassle-free, and our trade-in options offer some of the best values in the market.

Plus, with our commitment to eco-friendliness. You can feel good about selling or trading in your used devices with us, knowing that they’ll be properly recycled and kept out of landfills.

So, whether you’re looking to sell your AirPods 1st generation for cash or trade them in for a newer model. TradeMyApple is the perfect place to do it. Visit our website today and get an instant quote for your device.

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* Looks like new or just came out of the box
* Your device has never been used
* No scratches, flaws, dent, nicks or scuffs
* Perfect functional condition

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