Apple Watch 45mm Series 7

iCloud / Financial Status

Are any of the following statements true?
  • My device is iCloud / activation locked
  • My device is currently financed / leased
  • My device is blacklisted

iCloud / Activation lock removal

If your device is still locked to your Apple ID the process to remove it is very easy, please click here to learn how to do this.

Financed / Leased Devices

The device must be paid off prior to being sold. Once all payments have been made, please confirm with your carrier that there is no longer a balance.


Sorry, we do not purchase blacklisted devices.

Sell Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 for Cash with TradeMyApple

At TrademyApple, we make it easy and convenient to sell your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 for cash. Our trusted platform ensures a secure and seamless selling experience, allowing you to get the most value out of your device. Here’s why you should choose TrademyApple for selling your Apple Watch

Competitive Offers for Your Apple iWatch 45mm Series 7

We understand the value of your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7, which is why we offer competitive offers that reflect the market value of your device. Our team of experts assesses the condition, features, and specifications of your Apple Watch to provide you with an accurate and fair offer. You can trust that you’ll receive top dollar for your device when you sell it to TrademyApple.

TrademyApple Is The Best Place to Sell Apple Watch

Selling your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 with TradeMyApple is simple and hassle-free. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Provide Device Information: Fill out our online form with details about your Apple Watch, including its model, condition, and any included accessories.
  2. Get an Instant Quote: Based on the information you provide, we’ll generate an instant quote for your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7.
  3. Ship Your Device: If you accept our offer, we’ll provide you with a prepaid shipping label. Pack your Apple Watch securely and ship it to us.
  4. Device Inspection and Payment: Once we receive your device, our experts will inspect it to ensure its condition matches your description. Once verified, we’ll process your payment promptly.

Any Condition Accepted

At TrademyApple, we accept Apple Watches in any condition. Whether your Apple Watch is brand new, gently used, or even broken, we’ll still make you an offer. Don’t let a cracked screen or faulty hardware prevent you from selling your Apple Watch. We believe in giving every device a second chance even you can sell broken apple watch.

Secure and Trustworthy Transactions

We prioritize the security and privacy of our customers. When you sell Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 to us, you can trust that your personal information and data will be handled with utmost care. We follow industry-standard security protocols and utilize secure payment gateways to ensure a safe and secure transaction.

Fast and Reliable Payments

We understand the importance of receiving your payment promptly. Once our experts have inspected and verified your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7, we’ll process your payment using your preferred method. Whether you choose a check, PayPal or Venmo, you can expect fast and reliable payments from us.

Environmental Responsibility

By selling your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 to TrademyApple, you’re contributing to a more sustainable future. We promote environmentally responsible practices by recycling and refurbishing Apple devices. If your device cannot be refurbished, we ensure its proper recycling to minimize electronic waste and conserve valuable resources.

Exceptional Customer Support

At TrademyApple, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance at any stage of the selling process, our friendly and knowledgeable support team is here to help. We strive to provide a positive and satisfactory experience for every customer.

Conclusion: Sell Your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7 with TradeMyApple

When it’s time to part ways with your Apple Watch 45mm Series 7, TrademyApple is your trusted partner. With competitive offers, a streamlined selling process, secure transactions, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, we make selling your Apple Watch a breeze. Get a fair price for your device and experience a convenient and reliable selling experience with TrademyApple.

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Device Specifics


Midnigh Black


Stainless Steel


* Looks like new or just came out of the box
* Your device has never been used
* No scratches, flaws, dent, nicks or scuffs
* Perfect functional condition


iWatch Only
Original box
Original charger
Original box and charger


GPS only
GPS plus Cellular

Contact Information