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iCloud / Financial Status

Are any of the following statements true?
  • My device is iCloud / activation locked
  • My device is currently financed / leased
  • My device is blacklisted

iCloud / Activation lock removal

If your device is still locked to your Apple ID the process to remove it is very easy, please click here to learn how to do this.

Financed / Leased Devices

The device must be paid off prior to being sold. Once all payments have been made, please confirm with your carrier that there is no longer a balance.


Sorry, we do not purchase blacklisted devices.

Apple unveiled its completely revamped MacBook Pro in 2016, complete with a redesigned keypad and an optional OLED Touch Bar. For the very first time ever, it was supplied with exclusively USB-C ports. The MagSafe charging connector and illuminated Apple logo were both eliminated from that model and subsequent years’ version until 2020.

5 years later, Apple acted on customer feedback and introduced a MacBook Pro that really feels and appears the same as a MacBook Pro. The 2nd generation 14 MacBook Pros from 2021 are technological treasures that bring back fan favorites while still including cutting-edge features. The end product was a reliable computer that is among Apple’s most advanced Macs to date but even that can’t save it from wear and tear or damages. Is your MacBook Pro 14 broken, water-damaged or just dysfunctional? Don’t worry, Trade My Apple allows you to exchange your damaged MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro 2021 A2442 for some cash.  Here’s more about it:

We Accept MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro 2021 A2442 in any condition.

Since MacBook Pros are pretty expensive, any malfunction might create worry for anyone. Therefore, it is reasonable to suppose that you will have to pay a hefty fee to get the problem fixed. To use the example of cars, you may drive up to a repair shop in a flashy Lexus or Mercedes. For such a high-quality item, you are entitled to a discounted price. However, before you freak out too much, you should try to figure out what exactly is broken and if it can be fixed at an affordable cost. It would be incredibly expensive to fix if you spilled a drink on it and then it stopped working. In the same way, replacing the display on a modern Mac would be rather pricey too if it was broken.

Selling and replacing it instead of mending it provides you the opportunity to jump up to a better device. Possibly you have a broken MacBook M1 Pro 202. Thinking about selling it but obviously but don’t know where to begin? Our services at Trade My Apple are one of the best there are on the internet. All you have to do is get a quote from us and get started right away. Yes, it’s that simple!

How Much Can I Get For My MacBook Pro 14″ M1 Pro 2021 A2442

The greatest location to sell your Apple products is Trade My Apple. We buy your old, broken, or new Apple goods and offer you cash straight away! We have a quick and simple approach for selling new or old Apple items. It’s likely that if you’ve had an Apple device for a while, something is missing or damaged.

At Trade My Apple, we provide repurchases for Apple goods that are brand new, used, or even damaged. We’re among the few outlets that will purchase damaged MacBook Pro 14′′ M1 Pro 2021 A2442 models. We offer a competitive cash price via the Apple buyback procedure. The Apple buyback procedure is quite easy to use if you want to dispose of your damaged MacBook.

You only need to enter a few details about your MacBook Pro, such as the model, year, or serial number, to obtain a fast price. Know that you’ll get the most affordable rates, the shortest processing time in the business, and top-notch customer care when you sell any malfunctioning MacBook Pro or Air to us. We want the return of your Apple devices to be as simple and trouble-free as practical.

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Device Specifics


Space Gray


* Looks like new or just came out of the box
* Your device has never been used
* No scratches, flaws, dent, nicks or scuffs
* Perfect functional condition






M1 Pro 8-core CPU 14-core GPU
M1 Pro 10-core CPU 14-core GPU
M1 Pro 10-core CPU 16-core GPU
M1 Max 10-core CPU 24-core GPU
M1 Max 10-core CPU 32-core GPU


MacBook only
Original charger
Original box
Original box and charger

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