MacBook 12″ A1534 2015

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iCloud / Financial Status

Are any of the following statements true?
  • My device is iCloud / activation locked
  • My device is currently financed / leased
  • My device is blacklisted

iCloud / Activation lock removal

If your device is still locked to your Apple ID the process to remove it is very easy, please click here to learn how to do this.

Financed / Leased Devices

The device must be paid off prior to being sold. Once all payments have been made, please confirm with your carrier that there is no longer a balance.


Sorry, we do not purchase blacklisted devices.

This device is in line with macintosh portable computers introduced by Apple in 2015. It’s similar to Macbook Air, but much thinner. It’s available in the following colours: silver, rose gold, gold. Offers a high resolution retina display and only has two ports; a headphone and USB jack. 

Trade My Apple is offering an opportunity for you to sell your Macbook 12 A1534. Whether the device is new, broken, water damaged or isn’t turning on, we analyze it and give you a fair deal.

We Accept Damaged MacBook 12 A1534 2015

Your device doesn’t have to be brand new for you to sell it to us. Is it water damaged and showing signs of water intrusion and perhaps not even powering on? Is the housing damaged and  displaying white spots? Don’t worry, bring your Macbook 12 A1534 to Trademypple.com and sell it. 

Is your device fair and only contains major dents and excessive scratching or is it flawless and displays absolutely no scuffs or scratches and looks new? Bring it to us!

If you have keyboard issue or your battery doesn’t work any more, we still will pay top dollar for your device.

Visit Trade My Apple and resell or get an upgrade of your Macbook 12 A1534.

How Much Can I get From My MacBook 12 A1534 2015

Payment from selling your MacBook 12 A1534 2015, entirely depends on the condition of your device. Once you start the trading process you can track how far the process is using the tracking number on the label. We record your device into our system within a day and guarantee to pay you within 7 business days. With Trade My Apple, you can do the sell from the comfort of your home. Don’t worry about shipping, we will provide you a shipping label, you don’t have to pay for it.

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Device Specifics


Space Gray


* Looks like new or just came out of the box
* Your device has never been used
* No scratches, flaws, dent, nicks or scuffs
* Perfect functional condition






1.1 GHz Core M
1.2 GHz Core M
1.3 GHz Core M


MacBook only
Original box
Original charger
Original box and charger

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