The iPhone is now on your wrist. Apple has introduced watchOS 10 with widgets and a Snoopy-themed watch face.

The watchOS 10 public beta is now open to the general public. Allowing Apple Watch users to get a sneak peek at the upcoming software update. To download the beta, you’ll need to upgrade your iPhone to the iOS 17 public beta version and sign up on Apple’s beta software website. Once you’ve fulfilled these requirements, you can access the watchOS 10 public beta option in the Watch app on your iPhone under Beta Updates.

watchOS 10 brings significant changes to the Apple Watch interface, with a focus on widgets. One noticeable change is the relocation of the Control Center. Instead of swiping up from the bottom of the screen, you can now access it by pressing the side button. The app grid has also been replaced with a vertical stack of app icons that you can scroll through using the Digital Crown or by swiping up on the display.

A standout feature in watchOS 10 is the introduction of the Smart Stack, which displays rotating widgets based on the time of day and your usage habits. You can customize the Smart Stack by adding, removing, or pinning specific widgets to have them always visible.

The update also brings redesigned core apps such as Weather, Maps, and Messages. The Weather app now features animated weather events, providing a more engaging experience. Messages now syncs pinned conversations from your iPhone, making it easier to access your favorite contacts and group threads on your Apple Watch.

watchOS 10 includes two new watch faces to personalize your device. The Palette face offers colorful clock designs with gradient patterns. While the Snoopy face features interactive animations with Snoopy and Woodstock characters.

Additional improvements include enhancements to the Mindfulness app, expanded cycling metrics, ambient light sensor measurements, and the ability to leave video or voice messages using FaceTime.

While watchOS 10 brings exciting changes, it’s important to note that the public beta is still in the testing phase. It’s recommended to exercise caution and consider potential issues that may arise. It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t be able to revert to watchOS 9 until the official release of watchOS 10.

Wait for the official release

Overall, watchOS 10 represents a substantial upgrade for Apple Watch users, revolutionizing how the device is used on a daily basis. However, it’s advisable to wait for the official release if you prefer a more stable and reliable experience on your Apple Watch.

During my testing of the watchOS 10 developer beta, I found the changes to be quite significant and impactful. The new interface and features have the potential to transform how you interact with your Apple Watch on a daily basis.

One notable change is the repurposing of the side button to access the Control Center. This makes it more convenient to adjust settings and access commonly used features. Additionally, the revamped app grid now appears as a vertical stack of icons, allowing for easier navigation and customization.

The introduction of the Smart Stack feature is a game-changer. It offers a dynamic and context-aware selection of widgets that adapt throughout the day. This means you can quickly access relevant information based on your needs and activities. Whether it’s checking the weather, tracking your fitness progress, or staying up-to-date with your calendar events, the Smart Stack keeps you informed and organized.

The redesigned core apps in watchOS 10 bring a fresh and improved user experience. The Weather app, for example, provides more detailed and visually appealing weather information with animated weather events. The Maps app now offers topographic views, making it more useful for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Messages has also received enhancements, including the ability to sync pinned conversations from your iPhone and the convenience of editing or unsending messages directly from your watch.

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New Face Look

The addition of new watch faces adds a personal touch to your Apple Watch. The Palette face allows you to create vibrant and artistic clock designs with customizable gradient patterns. On the other hand, the Snoopy face brings beloved characters from the Peanuts cartoon to life, adding charm and whimsy to your watch display.

watchOS 10 also introduces improvements in various areas. The Mindfulness app now prompts users to log momentary emotions and daily moods, providing valuable insights into mental well-being. For medication tracking, there’s an optional secondary reminder feature that ensures you never miss a dose. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the enhanced cycling experience, with support for third-party sensors and detailed metrics to track performance.

While watchOS 10 is a major upgrade, it’s important to approach the public beta with caution. Beta software may contain bugs and issues that could affect the performance and stability of your Apple Watch. If you rely heavily on your device or prefer a seamless experience, it may be wise to wait for the official release in the fall.

In conclusion, watchOS 10 offers an array of exciting features and improvements that enhance the functionality and usability. From the redesigned interface and the Smart Stack to the new watch faces and enhanced apps, there’s a lot to explore and enjoy. However, consider the potential risks and decide whether the public beta is the right choice for you or if you prefer to wait for the stable release.

Integration with iOS 17

One notable aspect of watchOS 10 is its tight integration with iOS 17. To install the watchOS 10 public beta, you need to upgrade your iPhone to the corresponding iOS 17 public beta version. This ensures compatibility and allows you to access the full range of features and functionalities.

It’s worth mentioning that watchOS 10 is not just about visual enhancements and interface changes. Apple has also focused on improving the overall performance and responsiveness of the Apple Watch. The software update optimizes the underlying technology, resulting in faster app launches, smoother scrolling, and improved overall user experience.

The inclusion of new APIs for developers opens up a world of possibilities for third-party apps. With the availability of these APIs, developers can create innovative and powerful apps that leverage the full potential of watchOS 10. This means you can expect a wider range of apps and experiences tailored specifically for your Apple Watch.

As with any beta software, it’s important to remember that watchOS 10 is still in the testing phase. While it offers exciting features and improvements, it may also come with some bugs and glitches that could impact performance. If you rely heavily on your Apple Watch for critical tasks or have concerns about stability, it may be advisable to wait for the official release before upgrading.

However, if you enjoy being an early adopter and want to experience the latest features and enhancements firsthand. The watchOS 10 public beta provides a great opportunity to do so. It allows you to explore the new interface, test out the new apps, and provide valuable feedback to Apple that can contribute to further refinements and improvements.

To participate in the watchOS 10 public beta, you’ll need to enroll in Apple’s beta software program. This program gives you access to pre-release software, including watchOS 10, and allows you to contribute to the development process by reporting any issues or providing feedback.

In conclusion, watchOS 10 brings a host of exciting changes and improvements to the Apple Watch. From the redesigned interface and enhanced apps to the improved performance and expanded developer capabilities, there’s a lot to look forward to. Whether you choose to join the public beta or wait for the official release. WatchOS 10 promises to enhance your Apple Watch experience and take it to new heights.

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